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Jo Malone res candle matches dating back nearly three years.

Different: an adaptation of a Jane Austen story, in which she plays a widowed aristocrat hanging on to her standing in society despite dwindling assets.

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In honor of the film’s throwback to a very different kind of society, we asked Beckinsale to read from a book of 18th century dating etiquette, which includes everything from the specific details of the “courting candle” to the dangers of women who reveal too much ankle.

Kate Beckinsale's Guide to 18th Century <i>Dating</i> Rules Vanity Fair

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For more on the film, take a look at the exclusive clip below, in which Beckinsale is joined by co-star Coë Sevny to fret over the most 18th-century of social disasters: a letter seen by the wrong eyes.

Kate Beckinsale's Guide to 18th Century Dating Rules Vanity Fair

Now that the holiday season is upon us, you’re about to make a huge mistake. Arranging the candles in a pentragram to beckon my Dark Master and begin my Blood Mass? It is the tasteful pantsuit, the dinner-and-a-movie, the Honda Civic of gifts.

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